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Our Mission

With Community support and primarily a volunteer force, the mission of the Lowell Rural Fire Protection District is to professionally deliver fire protection, emergency medical and rescue response that effectively, efficiently and safely protects and preserves life, property and the environment through prevention, education, preparedness and emergency response activities.

Our Vision

The Lowell Rural Fire Protection District will meet the needs and challenges of the district, present and future in a professional, fiscally responsible manner and in a way that accounts for regional growth, and an increase in demand.

The District shall utilize well trained, highly motivated primarily volunteer personnel in adequate numbers, supplied with the best and most progressive equipment, training, facilities and materials for the delivery of fire and life safety services.

The District shall consolidate functions and/or services where and when it is determined to be in the best interest of the public and such consolidation would enhance the District ability to provide a more cost effective and efficient service.

Our Values

The members of the organization are its most valuable asset.  Members safety and well being is always paramount.

A positive public image reflected through quality facilities, equipment and personnel.

Professional, compassionate, respectful, enthusiastic, team oriented personnel committed to community, family and duty with pride and ownership in the organization.

A high degree of participation from our personnel organizationally and publicly.

Personnel willing to learn and that are trained in a multitude of specialized skills appropriate for the community’s needs.

Open accountable management of the district that demonstrates honesty, integrity and maintains the public trust.

Willingness to help others through cooperative, innovative problem solving.

Viewed as professional, competent, trusted and well trained by peers.

Effective and efficient utilization of resources.

A strong sense of pride in being part of the organization

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