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Nick Bruckner 

Position: Engineer - Paramedic
Term: Volunteer
Appointing Authority: Lowell Rural Fire Protection District
Person in front of a flag

Nick was born and raised in Southern California (we try not to hold this against him). He originally moved to Oregon to attend University of Oregon back in 2008 but he says he stayed in Oregon because he loves the culture and how friendly Oregonians are, especially when the sun is out. He says he also loves how green and colorful Oregon is. Nick is passionate about team sports and was therefore easily convinced that the fire service would be a good fit for him. He started as an intern volunteer Firefighter/EMT for Lowell Rural Fire Protection in June 2014. By August 2014, Nick had decided that he wanted to move into the fire station as a resident volunteer and pursue a degree in Paramedicine. He was a resident at the station for about 2.5 years, winning Rookie of the Year in his first year and then Volunteer of the Year each subsequent year. Nick just recently moved out of the station after becoming a paid employee of the Lowell Rural Fire Protection District. Outside of being a Firefighter Paramedic for Lowell Fire, Nick spends his time hanging out with friends, playing ice hockey, and working on an ambulance as a BLS Technician for Eugene Springfield Fire. He is a friendly, personable guy with a lot of energy. It’s not unheard of to refer to him as our energizer bunny. 

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