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Toby Martin - Firefighter

Toby is larger than life and never shrinks to the occasion. Born in 1989, in Portland Oregon, Toby attended pre-school at Creston. He then moved to Dorena OR, in 2000. Toby did not have a plan or any intention of joining the fire service. “I have never really considered it before,” he said. Back in August, Toby was brought out to the station by a volunteer on a drill night. From that night forward, Toby was hooked on the idea of becoming a firefighter. He moved into the station to become a resident so that he would be able to provide aid on calls. Since then, he has obtained his EMR certification and is working towards his EMT license. In his free time, Toby enjoys sports, hiking, and spending time with the fire family. He has a full-time job working as a manager at a metal fabrication shop. He has an easy-going personality, and always willing to lend a helping hand.