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Shelby Fountain - Firefighter/EMT

Shelby Fountain was born 23 years ago in Springfield, OR. A short time later she relocated with her family to Cottage Grove, OR where she still currently resides. In high school she spent her time immersed in horses, competing on the high school's equestrian team. Throughout finishing high school, she always knew her future included a medical profession and horses, but choosing one was the problem. She looked into veterinary medicine but it was not the path for her. Doctoring her own personal horses growing up was more than enough for her. After graduation in 2012, her brother Josh, became a volunteer Firefighter at South Lane Fire and Rescue, peaking her interest in firefighting. As it turns out firefighting has been sort of a family affair and solidified her interests in the service. She knew it is where she belonged. Shelby did some research and learned her great uncle started Waterville’s department, as well as her father and uncle were both firefighters with Goshen and South Lane. Shelby joined a friend on a visit to Lowell's station about a year ago and has been a volunteer since. She enjoys the adrenaline, the ability to help the community and even more so loves that there is always more to learn. She has spent the last year working on her fire certifications minus a brief hiatus over the summer healing from a broken leg. Now she is back and has begun work on her medical certifications hoping to head into the EMT program this winter to help better serve Lowell's community. Shelby is frequently in and out of town heading to the station and other town events, feel free to say "Hi!" anytime!