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Cooper Thompson 

Position: AO / EMT
Term: Volunteer
Appointing Authority: Lowell Rural Fire Protection District

Cooper was born and raised in Springfield Oregon where he attended Thurston High

School. He graduated high school in June of 2017 and shortly after graduation took a trip to

Lowell. He saw an opportunity to become a volunteer firefighter in Lowell. It has always

been a dream of his to become a firefighter. Now five months later he has become the new

Volunteer Association President. Cooper will be taking on the responsibility of the association at the

beginning of the year and hopes to bring new ideas and strategies to further the association. Cooper’s

goals for this coming year is to get his Emergency Medical Technician License to help out on medical

calls in our community. Cooper has stated “I am happy to say it’s an honor to be with the Lowell Rural Fire Protection District and I cannot wait for the many years to come with this agency.”